In the Balance – A Success Story for Stonebalancing Artist


Lyme Regis, Hartlepool, Singapore. Three places that you would not normally connect, but this exemplifies the wide-ranging appeal of artist Adrian Gray’s work. Gray is the pioneer of stone balancing art in the UK.

With growing recognition in Europe and beyond, Gray has received high-profile TV and media coverage and he is, of course, a  well-known success in his home town of Lyme Regis.

Gray is the pioneer of stone balancing art in the UK.   Drawing inspiration from the bold, natural landscapes of the Dorset coast he creates surreal sculptures by balancing together large rocks and photographs them in situ, thus to ensure they endure.

The process of balancing the stones is performance art in itself. The resulting creations have an improbable, but pure and simplistic beauty that instills a myriad of emotions – calming, tense, therapeutic, mesmerizing, beautiful, puzzling and even spiritual.  They are both magical and startling, but all elicit a sense of wonder.

Gray explains “You ‘listen’ with your fingers, your focus targeted and complete”.  The audience are invited to explore their own reactions.

Gray comments on creating his sculptures;

“There are spills and thrills along the way, treacherous paths to navigate and slippery rocks to catch you unawares. Damaged equipment and sore bodies are common, but getting the perfect shots of the perfect balanced sculptures is a goal worth striving for”.

For further information contact Adrian Gray at : 01297 445062.

Press Contact: Doug Goodman

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